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The tip of the Italian boot, a wonderful and savage land where two seas are divided by tall mountains and deep valleys, dotted with historic castles and watchtowers.


Probably the most beautiful coast in the world.
Magnificent steep cliffs hanging over the sea, romantic and historic villages built where the land had to be stolen from the rocks, and filled with an incredibly fertile ground. Smells, tastes and sights are special here.


Many important mountain climbers defined the Dolomites as the most beautiful mountains in the world. Looking at the three Lavaredo peaks at sunset will give them right.


The land of the Romans and Etruscans, fulfilled with history and arts. But also a landscape made of hills and villages built on tuff pillars.


The heel of the Italian boot, a long flat land with the Adriatic Sea and mostly rocky coast to the east and the Ionian Sea and sand beaches to the west. The land of the trulli, typical cone shaped houses built with limestone, especially in Alberobello.


A continent on its own, from the tall mountains in the center to the crystal clear sea al around. Discover the beauty of mother nature in this paradisiac region of Italy.


The Italian region with the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. A triangular island with the biggest active volcano in Europe. Here history, tastes, arts, colors and the sea have been mixing for thousands of years.


The softness of its hills, the magnificency of its countryside landscapes, the ancient history of its cities and villages. Take a look from above to all this!

Other Countries

Bali - Indonesia

The indonesian island pervaded with its own unique culture, surrounded by blue waters and disseminated with rice terraces and exotic temples.


The beautiful Croatian country with so many peaceful and wild islands, all surrounded by blue and calm waters. A leisure land for relaxation and fun.


The Greek islands are home for wild beauty, clear waters and ancient history. The white villages are jewels embedded in this shiny frame.